A zealous bass player, soulful singer and a talented composer, Krassy has 12 full-length albums under his belt!! This guy is one of the best you'll ever meet. Really a lot of fun to talk with and great music to boot. I went ahead and threw up a link to his latest album. We talked a lot about it, I've listened to it many times over, and it is really worth the listen! Always something new.

Icicle - Silence


Heartbreak in an 80's Suit... Kinda says it all really. My favorite from this band so far is "Shades at Night". Give them a listen and I think you'll find something new to snag for the player!

Everywhere - Track List

Big Moon Rocket

Ok, ok... THESE guys are just plain rock and roll with a cherry on top. Seriously, this is your favorite local garage band on steroids. You have GOT to give them a listen. I'm going to throw up some of their tunes on the station, be sure to follow the link to their site. If you like good classic rock with some great originals - look no further. This is great stuff here. I Got The Money!!

BMR - At Reverbnation

TTT - TripleTapTee Productions

His Bio says he's a beginner, but his music says otherwise. TTT produces mostly Chillstep and other random sounds that are sure to burn those ears in just the right way. Please go and check out his 'cloud. We enjoyed it so much, we are looking through his latest creations to include in the new format!

TTT - SoundCloud TTT - Productions SoundCloud